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Big ideas in clay leads to lots of trial and error, learning, and loss. Trying to figure out how to make something you have never made, something new, seems to push your abilities, forcing one to learn something. Learning not to get attached to a clay project, at any stage of the process, becomes a […]

Trying to get updated…..

Posted: 5th June 2013 by matt in Artist's Thoughts
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A lot of time has past since I updated this website. Busy with the family and trying to get my graduate work done left little time for posting. I am in the process of trying bring this up to date. Now that I am through with school and focusing on my next phase(teaching hopefully) I […]

A Lot Going On…

Posted: 11th October 2010 by matt in Artist's Thoughts

Well in the four months since my last post I have found myself with what seems like an overwhelming amount of work to do. I am working in the studio as much as I can. Balancing everything is an undertaking that keeps me very busy. I feel very optimistic about the work that I am […]