A Lot Going On…

Posted: 11th October 2010 by matt in Artist's Thoughts

Well in the four months since my last post I have found myself with what seems like an overwhelming amount of work to do. I am working in the studio as much as I can. Balancing everything is an undertaking that keeps me very busy. I feel very optimistic about the work that I am starting to create. The important thing to me is that I’m making work again.

My work is changing though. After I got my skill level back I decided that I knew how to make some pretty elegant and traditional style forms. So I thought, “Where can I take this?” Something inside me was telling me to alter my forms. How was the question. After experimenting with throwing and assembling different pieces to achieve new or more interesting form I decided to take the altering even further. I ended up cutting a thrown form into pieces and reassembling them in a different configuration. This is what I came up with.

The altered form seemed to have what is was I was looking for in a form. Movement. The form has changed from the traditional symmetric pot to a more interesting contemporary vessel. I think this direction deserves further exploration. I tried a few more, here is one.

  1. Dad says:

    …and in another four months, there will be a LOT more going on :)