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Soda Kiln

Posted: 4th June 2013 by matt in Kilns and Glazes, Projects
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This is a stop motion video I made while building my soda kiln at Indiana State University. I built this as part of my thesis research and wanted to document the process. It is a 60 cubic foot cross-draft kiln with four mr-100 venturi burners. The kiln is made entirely of super duty hard firebrick […]

Wood Kiln Firing

Posted: 23rd October 2010 by matt in Firing Ceramics
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Preparation for the wood firing has begun. I figured I would take a little time while waiting for people to come back with gas for the chainsaw to try blogging from my android phone. I am in the woods chopping logs and gathering the wood for our wood kiln firing. THIS IS WORK. People may […]